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Ars Arcana: ROIL System for Campaign Design

ROIL System for Campaign Design ARS ARCANA 2.1 Travis Joseph Rodgers Open-Endedness and Randomness You are a role player. You roll dice. You assume ridiculous voices. You might even don the garb of your character. You spend hours working on back stories, excruciating over the name of your great-great-uncle. You don’t want a random world to play in. You want the world you play in and the system you employ to do so to reflect the thought and planning you’ve put into it. You want open-endedness, not randomness. So, how does a GM (Game Master) or GD (Game Designer) manage to do such a thing? I think there are many ways to accomplish this, but I want to suggest one very helpful path for navigating a few desiderata on a gaming experience. On one hand, many players and parties want fast start capabilities. They don’t want a session zero . They want to be able to sit down and begin playing in the very first session. I’ll call this characteristic INCIPIENCE . On the other hand, part