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Podcast: F is for Fail

Dungeon Chatter Podcast Episode 6: F is for Fail
In this episode, Travis and Victoria discuss modeling failure in an RPG. It seems clear enough that a successful attack hits and deals damange, but what does a failed attack mean? We discuss failure in combat, moving maneuvers, perception, and persuasion.
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Works Discussed

AD&D, Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP)

Video Games
Super Mario Bros., Wasteland

Failure, Critical Failure, Natural 20, Natural 1, The DM Screen

Show Notes
Victoria is becoming an editing pro. This episode sounds great, and she should soon edit out an F-bomb that she missed in the first edit through.

The Pitch
Simple Failure: Die rolls of 0-9 represent rough percentage of task completed. So, 10% x die roll = % of action completed (6x10% = 60%).

Critical failures
In general, they set you back, offering a penalty to further attempts.
negative 10-19: -1 penalty
negative 20-…